App Ideas

List of app ideas that can be used in personal or business projects, we came up with 3 different levels based on the knowledge, skills, experience required for completion.

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Binary-to-Decimal number converter - Bin2Dec allows the user to enter strings of up to 8 binary digits, 0's and 1's, in any sequence and then displays its decimal equivalent. - similar app
Border Radius Previewer - Preview how CSS3 border-radius values affect an element. - similar app
Calculator - Create a simple calculator which does simple operations -, +, /, * plus C and AC button. - similar app
Countdown Timer - Create a countdown timer for important events in your life. - similar app
Currency convertor - Currency convertor for a list of currencies. - similar app
Quiz App - Create dynamic questions with multiple answers and validations. - similar app
Notes App - CRUD for notes with a creative design. - similar app
Recipe App - Create a simple app to store your favourite recipes. - similar app
Weather App - This one must be the most created app for beginners, you can be unique with the design and features. - similar app
Clock - Creating a simple clock with a cool design might be tricky. - similar app
Text generator - Generate text as a placeholder with different parameters such as length of the text, number of words, words length, format, font. - similar app
CRUD operations using localStorage/sessionStorage - You can create a simple app with any content and use as DB your local and session storage from the browser. - similar app
Random number generator - Rangom number generator between range. - similar app
Quotes App - Gather random quotes and create a quote generator with a cool design. - similar app
Image scanner - Create a image scanner app. - similar app
Markdown Previewer/Editor - Preview text formatted in Github and create your desired markdown. - similar app
Password generator - Generate passwords with different algorithms based on difficulty. - similar app
To-Do App - Create a to-do app for your tasks, it can include reminders too. - similar app
Kanban board - Simple and easy kanban board. - similar app
Tic-tac-toe - Tic-tac-toe app with an amazing design. - similar app
Online store - Create an online store with a few items, the kind of site you can create via Shopify. - similar app
Tetris Game - Everyone loves tetris, or they used to. - similar app
Reviews App - Create an app for reviews, something like trustpilot but on a smaller scale. - similar app
Mood board App - Create a mood board app for you and your friends to track their productivity based on mood in a certain day. - similar app
Coronavirus live tracker - Create a coronavrius live tracker, grabing info from gov apis - similar app
Elevator Simulator - Elevator Simulator - similar app
Chat app - Something like Messenger, Whatsapp. - similar app
Online store or website - Create an online store or website using micro-services architecture. - similar app
Github Clone - Github! add. commit -m push -u stash pop - similar app
Poker app online - Create an application where you can play poker with your friends respecting all the rules from NL Holdem for example. - similar app
Survey App - Create a survey app where you can customise your surveys and share them with your friends. - similar app
Instagram clone - Instagram clone - similar app
Conference app - Create a conference app, something like Google meet or Zoom. - similar app
Mail client - Create an email client. - similar app
Social media analytics - Create an app where you can integrate Google, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and other social media accounts for analytics plus advices. - similar app
Event reader - Create an app with interface and an event reader which can integrate in any other project to read it's data an create logs plus analytics based on it. - similar app